Adabas to Relational Database

Our Adabas Migration solution delivers modern Cloud-enabled databases and supporting applications that are functionally equivalent to their legacy counterparts. Our software converts the Adabas database into a relational database, providing instant access to vendor and third party tools for reporting, monitoring, maintaining, and documenting. In addition, it eliminates Adabas licensing costs and allows the data to be accessed and analyzed by a vast talent pool of DBAs with modern skillsets.

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Why modernize?


Scarcity of domain expertise

Developers and database administrators who understand mainframe technology are reaching retirement age and no one is trained to replace them, resulting in a steadily diminishing talent pool. As this shortage grows, the costs and risk of relying on legacy systems will continue to rise.

Limited flexibility

Successful digital transformation and business agility hinges on good data. Non-relational databases and the underlying assets that support them were not designed for today’s business demands or modern IT. This results in difficult integrations, inaccessible data, and limited flexibility.

Exorbitant costs

Mainframes cost as much as 4,500 per cent more to operate than equivalent Cloud counterparts. This figure is compounded by rising licensing and maintenance fees for ancillary mainframe applications and databases.

Adabas Migration


Our Adabas Migration solution includes the generation of a new relational database to replace the functionality, multiple-occurring fields and groups, and other data element structures that are part of your Adabas inverted list database. The new target database can reside on or off-mainframe, and can use any of the standard relational database management systems (SQL Server, Oracle, Db2, PostgreSQL).

Adabas Migration provides a complete replacement for all legacy database functionality including MU and PE management, ISN usage, super descriptors, sub descriptors, and more. The resulting database is fully relational, primary keys and index definitions are automatically created, and all constraints are generated into the resulting DDL. Table spaces, indexes, table names, and column names are all generated according to your naming standards.

The Adabas data extract and relational load process is simple, straightforward, and fast. We can provide a number of extract variations for customers that have special requirements for a short Adabas data migration window. Our data migration software gives us numerous capabilities for tailoring your data migration so that the new database meets your requirements.

The Adabas database definition can be re-collected and processed through our Automated Adabas Migration software anytime throughout the project lifecycle. This prevents the need to put a freeze on changes to the Adabas structure, a huge win for critical business systems that change often.

Handling ancillary applications

Our Adabas Migration solution also includes Automated Refactoring of applications and languages that use Adabas files including Natural, COBOL, Assembler, Easytrieve, JCL, and Procs for Adabas applications. Many of our customers prefer to retain their Natural applications as-is or remain on the mainframe while reducing Software AG licensing fees. In these situations, we offer a Rehosting solution using the Application Transparency Platform (ATP). It allows end users to continue interacting with the legacy system through familiar screens while processing against a new relational database. Plus, your Natural developers will be able to continue to maintain and enhance the application through an improved interface.

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