Oracle Cloud Migration

Advanced and Oracle share a rich, collaborative history with decades of experience and powerful tools, enabling intelligent modernization to Oracle Cloud and beyond. Our turnkey migration solutions maximize the power and flexibility of Oracle in the environment that suits you best. 

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Why modernize with Oracle?


Easier Migration

OCI was designed to address the requirements of your mission-critical enterprise applications with key cloud technologies in mind by providing off-box virtualization, custom security chips, nonblocking networks, L2 network virtualization, RDMA cluster networking, and flex infrastructure.

Native Applications

Extend your modernized workloads by building production cloud-native applications with modern development practices and solutions. Simplify management with automated patching and performance-tuning of operating systems and databases.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

OCI supports a wide range of deployments, from running an entire OCI region from within your data center to shifting on-premises VMware environments to public cloud regions. You can even deploy OCI services like Exadata across multiple cloud providers with ease.

Journey to the cloud


Modernization Journey - Disposition Strategy

Oracle Migration


Over 35 years of mainframe modernization experience

More than 500 successful modernization projects completed

Over 2.5 billion lines of code refactored through automation

Our Technologies



  • Automated assembler refactors to COBOL, Java, or C#
  • Refactors programs, macros and copy code to programs or classes
  • References for 100Ks LOC conversions


  • Automated Refactoring and Replatforming solution offerings
  • Multiple refactoring options, including replatforming Natural, Natural to COBOL, Java, or C# and Adabas to RDBMS
  • Eliminates SAG software expenses


  • IDMS migration experience since 1980s 
  • Consolidate to CICS/COBOL/Db2 on mainframe, or refactor to Java, or C# off mainframe
  • Co-authored IBM Redbook with IBM 
  • Large number of IDMS references

CA Gen

  • Automated toolset refactors codebase from CA Gen to Java, C#
  • Maintains existing business logic
  • Use CA Gen encyclopedia as input, not the generated code
  • Ensures the refactored code is easy to maintain 

Intelligent Modernization, Unparalleled Experience


Additional insights to help you modernize


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