Mainframe Migration to AWS

As an experienced AWS Technology Partner, we bring intelligent modernization to Amazon Web Services at a fraction of the cost and risk of rewrites or replacements by harnessing the best automation technology, process, and expertise in the industry. 

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Your Salvation is Automation: Leverage post-modernization automation 

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Maximize your migration to Amazon Web Services

AWS Mainframe Modernization is a unique platform for mainframe migration and modernization that allows you to migrate your on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS. AWS Mainframe Modernization service enables two popular migration patterns: replatforming and automated refactoring. With AWS Mainframe Modernization, you can assess and analyze migration readiness and plan projects. AWS Mainframe Modernization provides the development, build, and test tools for modernization projects. Once implemented and tested, you can deploy your mainframe workloads to AWS into the AWS Mainframe Modernization service managed runtime environment.

Why modernize to AWS?


Scarcity of domain expertise

Developers and database administrators who understand mainframe technology are reaching retirement age, resulting in a steadily diminishing talent pool. As this shortage grows, the costs and risks of relying on legacy languages and databases will continue to rise.

Limited flexibility

Companies are rapidly moving to modern environments and practices such as DevOps and AWS, while mainframes and the languages and databases that support them were not designed for modern IT, resulting in difficult integrations and limited flexibility.

Exorbitant costs

Mainframes cost as much as 4,500% more to operate than equivalent AWS counterparts, a figure compounded by a scarcity of development resources and rising licensing and maintenance fees for ancillary mainframe utilities, applications, and databases. 

Extend the value of mainframe apps and data


Over 35 years of mainframe modernization experience

More than 500 successful modernization projects completed

Over 2.5 billion lines of code refactored through automation

Intelligent Modernization, Unparalleled Experience


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