2022 Mainframe Modernization Business Barometer Report

Examining recent survey results from major enterprises around the globe

The 2022 Mainframe Modernization Business Barometer Report – the third of its kind from Advanced – examines survey results focused on the state of today’s mainframes and the challenges facing enterprises worldwide with annual revenues of more than US $1 billion.

We explore the impact of the new era of digitalization and change on the current state of legacy systems and organizations' modernization plans.




In this report we explore survey results to reveal:

  • How organizations are grappling with the post-pandemic mainframe landscape
  • Motivations for legacy modernization
  • Strategies to maximize an organization’s agility to support innovation and digitalization
  • In their own words: The rewards of pursuing mainframe modernization

Discussing the 2022 Mainframe Modernization Report

60 minutes

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