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2021 Mainframe Modernization Report

The latest research on the world of mainframe modernization

The 2021 Mainframe Modernization Business Barometer Report – the second of its kind from Advanced – examines mainframe modernization worldwide and the challenges facing organizations with annual revenues of more than US$1 billion. And, crucially, it explores the impact Covid-19 is having, and will continue to have, on modernization plans.

Chapter Overview

State of Business

Mainframes are essential in today’s global business landscape – with many organizations relying on them to run business critical applications. We explore the current pressures and trends affecting them.

Modernization Challenges

The appetite to modernize has increased significantly over the past year as a result of Covid-19. We explore the modernization challenges organizations are facing and share how to overcome them.

The IT Skills Gap

The technology sector has long suffered from a skills shortage – and those relying on the upkeep of mainframes feel the pinch the most. We take a deep dive into the legacy skills gap, the challenges it presents, and best practices for reducing it.

Sustainability in the Cloud

Sustainability is moving up the business agenda, with an ever-increasing demand for greener business initiatives from every corner of the globe. We review how modernization and Cloud migration can reduce costs while also improving sustainability.

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2021 Mainframe Modernization Business Barometer Report

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