Advanced Partners with Google Cloud to Accelerate Mainframe Modernization for the Fortune 1000
Press //10-02-2022

Advanced Partners with Google Cloud to Accelerate Mainframe Modernization for the Fortune 1000

by Rob Anderson, Vice President of Marketing and Product for Application Modernization

LONDON and ATLANTA – February 10, 2022 – As a leading international provider of application modernization solutions, Advanced is catalyzing rapid acceleration of mainframe migrations for Fortune 1000 companies globally. Partnering with Google Cloud, Advanced is driving innovation, increasing agility, and reducing operational costs for customers by shifting workloads to Google Cloud.

Against its 35+ year commitment to IT and mainframe modernization, Advanced’s robust portfolio of services and turnkey solutions have supported many of the largest and most complex global migration projects across industries such as government, healthcare, insurance, financial services, retail, and transportation. By combining Advanced's cloud-based collaborative migration factory—Modernization Platform-as-a-Service (ModPaaS)—with Google Cloud technologies and expertise, the two have led successful large-scale projects for customers spanning a broad array of industries, from financial services to logistics and everything between.

“Companies are rapidly moving to DevOps and the cloud, consolidating their technology stacks to maximize IT performance, and adopting cloud-compatible languages – and as such – are choosing to harness cutting-edge solutions from Google Cloud to support their efforts,” said Cameron Jenkins, Executive Vice President of Application Modernization at Advanced. “By partnering with Google Cloud, we have combined extensive engineering capabilities with advanced mainframe modernization expertise to create an offering that takes customers from legacy languages and databases to cloud-optimized environments in a fraction of the time, overall expenditures, and potential risks associated than the market has ever seen before. And by modernizing these systems, we have given companies a way to effectively accelerate the development of custom applications, harness smarter decision-making through machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities, and save crucial time, money, and resources.”

ModPaaS enables Advanced’s modernization experts to work alongside Google Cloud's consultants to deeply assess, document, and understand legacy estates. Then, powered by automated testing and a tailored, intelligent modernization approach, ModPaaS seamlessly deploys modernized applications and databases within Google Cloud. With Advanced, along with the help of Google Cloud, customers can:

  • Perform collaborative, in-depth assessments of their legacy estate from within Google Cloud
  • Establish a comprehensive modernization strategy with insight and assistance from Advanced and Google Cloud experts
  • Utilize automated testing and code transformation solutions to modernize legacy applications (written in ADSO, Assembler, CA Gen, COBOL, Easytrieve, JCL, Natural, PL/I, RPG, Telon, and more) and databases (Adabas, IDMS, Db2, IMS, VSAM, Datacom, Flat Files, and more) from within Google Cloud
  • Leverage deep expertise from Advanced and Google Cloud throughout the modernization process to ensure success

"We’re pleased to have Advanced part of the Google Cloud Partner Program,” said Paul Ikin, Global Lead Mainframe Modernization, Google Cloud. “We look forward to our continued partnership in providing customers the expertise, technologies and solutions they need to grow and scale their business in the cloud.”

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Advanced is a leading international provider of application modernization services with unique expertise in the legacy modernization market.

With more than 500 modernization projects completed worldwide, and over 2.5 billion lines of code processed through our solutions we have been driving IT efficiency, agility, and competitive advantage for customers through core application and database transformation for more than 35 years. Over that time, we have helped organizations across all sectors including the UK Department for Work and Pensions, FedEx and the New York Times.

Within the UK, Advanced is one of the three largest providers of business software and services, with a strong track record in helping our customers’ journey to the Cloud with solutions for public, private and third sector organizations.

We have a £330m turnover, 25,000+ customers and employ 2,700+ people all helping organizations create the right digital foundations that drive productivity, insight and innovation – all while remaining safe, secure and compliant.

We simplify complex business challenges and provide mission-critical software that helps our customers accelerate and transform digitally, positively influencing millions of people’s lives.

We work with organizations in all sectors, from Healthcare to Legal, and of all sizes – whether they want to move to the Cloud, invest in ERP, manage core business functions through one unified system or upgrade their legacy applications.


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Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson


Vice President of Marketing and Product for Application Modernization

Rob Anderson is Vice President of Marketing and Product for Application Modernization. He has spent the better part of the past decade developing, marketing, and selling mainframe modernization solutions, and has had a front-row seat in the transformation of the industry and its surrounding ecosystem.

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