Advanced chosen for AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Program
Blog //09-12-2020

Advanced chosen for AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Program

by Rob Anderson, Vice President of Marketing and Product for Application Modernization

Advanced among only four firms chosen for AWS Mainframe Migration Compentency Program

Advanced has been named as one of four AWS Partners to be pre-qualified for the AWS Mainframe Migration Technology category in their upcoming AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Program. The AWS Mainframe Migration Technology Partners category recognizes AWS Partners with proven technology and customers success, migrating both mainframe applications and data to AWS.

AWS has pre-announced the launch of its new AWS Mainframe Migration Category within the AWS Migration Competency. AWS recognizes the complexity of a mainframe migration as customers seek proven methodologies to empower successful migrations. 

The New York Times Mainframe Migration

The AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated technical expertise and proven customer success. This helps AWS Partners, such as Advanced, to differentiate our business to customers by showcasing our products and services in specialized areas across industries, use cases, and workloads.

Our Automated Refactoring solution modernized a large New York Times mainframe application that is now running on AWS. The mainframe was running a core-business billing and delivery workload that was expensive and difficult to manage. Automated Refactoring to AWS transformed the legacy application into a modern stack with an agile development and test life cycle. We provided The New York Times with 70 percent cost savings along with an acceleration of application development and release cycles.

We are thrilled to be named as such an important AWS Partner. Read more about how we refactored the New York Times mainframe in our previous blog post, here.

Our Services: Intelligent modernization, unparalleled experience

Our solutions facilitate the transition from legacy systems to AWS, leveraging agile development methodologies. 

Automated Assessment

The first step of any modernization initiative, our Automated Assessment service is performed using our automated tools to develop a complete understanding of the application, infrastructure, and operational components of a mainframe environment. An Assessment provides stakeholders with valuable insight to inform application modernization decisions such as disposition strategies and target environment architectures. It also mitigates cost and risk by highlighting potential challenges and how to overcome them.

Automated Refactoring

Our Automated Refactoring solution delivers modern, Cloud-enabled applications and databases that are functionally equivalent to their legacy counterparts, eliminating the hassle and expense of the mainframe. This reduces cost, allows for deeper integration, and enables customization to meet business requirements. This solution is great for moving legacy applications to Cloud-native languages such as Java and C#, and legacy databases to relational models.


Our Rehosting solutions combine the industry’s best software platforms with proven application refactoring, consolidation, and data migration services to ensure your entire mainframe estate is deployed to the target environment in the languages and database models you need.

Automated Testing

Our Automated Testing solution alleviates the pain of manually developing test scripts for migrated online and batch applications within the scope of a modernization initiative. It also ensures functionally equivalent testing for efficient defect identification and rapid remediation. This reduces cost, resource burden, and modernization project timelines, ensuring optimal performance of the modernized estate in production. 

Data Migration 

Our Automated Data Migration solution delivers modern Cloud-enabled databases and supporting applications that are functionally equivalent to their legacy counterparts. Our software converts the non-relational database into a relational database, providing instant access to vendor and third-party tools for reporting, monitoring, maintaining, and documenting. In addition, it allows the data to be accessed and analyzed by a vast talent pool of DBAs with modern skillsets.

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Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson


Vice President of Marketing and Product for Application Modernization

Rob Anderson is Vice President of Marketing and Product for Application Modernization. He has spent the better part of the past decade developing, marketing, and selling mainframe modernization solutions, and has had a front-row seat in the transformation of the industry and its surrounding ecosystem.

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