Application Analyzer

Our application analysis tool provides a centralised, interactive documentation repository containing a wealth of information. As long as you own the source code of the application, it can provide seven different types of analysis: Function point, relationship, portfolio technology, visual program, data relationship, change impact, and dead and orphaned code.

Application Analyzer helps you manage, maintain, or modernise your application portfolio more efficiently.

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Understanding key issues


Delivering successful projects

Projects have lower chance of success when they are complicated by a lack of understanding and, without the necessary knowledge, it’s difficult to properly determine how best to deliver a project.

On-boarding of new starters

It takes much longer to on-board new employees when organisations run undocumented applications. Documentation educates new employees so they can hit the ground running – and with fewer mistakes.                                

Introduction of applications

Understanding your technology stack is essential. Otherwise, if applications are connected, changes to one application or the addition of new technology could disrupt or halt processes elsewhere.

Diminishing knowledge

If your legacy technology is written in an older language, those that can understand it may soon retire or leave the industry, with no one with that same knowledge to replace them.

Technical debt

Using easily implemented code in the short-term as a workaround creates complex applications that are difficult to understand, along with technical debt due to the extra work that will arise, draining resources.

High costs

Failed projects can incur unnecessary costs, and it usually takes too long to on-board new employees with undocumented applications to redo the projects -while those who already understand the applications are often expensive.

How our Application Visibility software can help you


How Application Analyzer supports different roles


CIOs and Application Managers

The effective management of applications is vital to the smooth running of a business. Accurate and comprehensive understanding and documenting of applications is a key part of this.

Better choices

Assess and compare applications in terms of size, complexity and quality to enable effective planning. This results in better choices for strategies that are more likely to succeed.

Enhanced visibility

Monitor your applications, learning exactly how they operate, so you can gain a greater understanding in order to manage them better.

Improve cost-efficiencies

Evaluate the cost of maintaining your current application functionality. This will give insight into which costs cannot be avoided and which can be reduced or removed.

Enterprise Architects

Day-to-day problems arise when misunderstood and undocumented applications need work because fixing them is always a struggle. Learning more about the distinct workings of the business-critical applications within your IT estate can alleviate these issues.

Deep application visibility

View your existing application structure, as well as how applications were implemented, to see exactly what is happening within your IT estate so you can manage it in the best possible way.

Clear view across whole estate

Map your current IT architecture across platforms and types of applications (transactional, decision support, customer self-service etc.) with information and data flows to enhance understanding.

Effective budgeting

Assess the feasibility and cost of re-engineering and re-platforming options, as well as alternatives, to effectively budget for projects so you can ensure your choices are cost-effective.

Business Analysts

As the world rapidly digitises, businesses cannot be truly analysed if their IT estates are ignored. Our application analysis tool automates the creation of application documentation, delivering a deeper understanding of core business applications.

Successful planning

Translate the comprehensive mapping of business processes and information that needs to be implemented in a suite of applications. This accuracy and detail will ensure risk is minimised in all planning.

Technology agnostic

Our tool understands over 100 languages, and parsers can be developed for others. This means you can receive an overview regardless of the language of your business-critical applications.

Enhanced visibility

Get an accurate view of your IT estate to better analyse your business digitally. Knowing how your applications work, and how well they interoperate, shows the effects of changes before they take place.

Quality Assurance / Testers

The best testing environments perfectly replicate both standard and stressful situations for an application. But these cannot be effectively built if what is standard and what is stressful to the application is unknown. Our tool provides this understanding.

Continuous testing

Trace from test case, to application object and to business requirement. Our solution follows the entire process and ensures what is being tested truly meets the specified needs.

Improved testing

Assess the completeness and appropriateness of application test scenarios. The better the testing environment, the more confident you can be that the application will work.

Efficient testing

Save time and money by only testing what you need to. Application Analyzer delivers the test cases required and tells you what to test based on the components being modified.

Systems Analysts / Developers

Developing an application is difficult if there is a lack of documentation. Without this insight, you cannot understand where you are – and therefore accurately develop the application to support your organisation’s aspirations.

Intelligent insight

View application design, structure and organisation accurately so you can have where-used and where-updated type questions answered immediately – removing long, incorrect overviews and processes.

Accessible, accurate data

Access data by viewing program context, structure, call patterns (upstream / downstream) and inheritance information with just one click, quickly delivering accurate details.

Return on investment from using Application Analyzer


Gain return on investment using our application analyser

Ongoing software innovation and developments


We are always improving and innovating our products to deliver the best experience for our customers. Here are a selection of the latest updates to our Application Analysis tool.

  • March 2019

    Business Rules Extraction: A tool-assisted solution for identifying and documenting the critical business processes hidden in your COBOL applications. Find out more here.

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