Migrate CA Gen to Azure

Our Automated CA Gen Refactoring solution delivers modern Cloud-enabled applications and databases that are functionally equivalent to their legacy counterparts, eliminating the hassle and expense of CA Gen (formerly known as IEF, Composer, COOL:Gen, Advantage:Gen, and AllFusion Gen) and the mainframe. This reduces cost, allows for deeper integration, and enables customisation to meet business requirements.

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Discussing the 2022 Mainframe Modernisation Report

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CA Gen to Azure


Our 'CA Gen Isn't COOL Anymore' webinar, co-hosted with Microsoft, highlight sthe business challenges, processes and the low cost/low risk solutions for moving CA Gen application workloads to Azure Cloud. CA Gen Modernisation can provide many results including: 

  • Removing CA Gen licensing costs 
  • Eliminating the mainframe 
  • Eliminating the scarcity of resource problems 
  • Exposing business critical applications to modern development practices in a modern DevOps-Centric environment 

Watch our webinar for more information on how you can deliver mainframe class capabilities in Azure. 


Our solution

Our Automated CA Gen Refactoring solution, harnessing a powerful combination of proprietary software and an iterative transformation methodology, uses the application definitions in the CA Gen encyclopedia. This delivers a modern, easily maintainable Java or C# application based on fully maintainable open systems.

Once the CA Gen and its associated databases are refactored, Java and C# developers can extend application functionality for Cloud optimization using standard DevOps tools and CI/CD concepts that simply aren’t available for mainframe applications. 

You can learn more about our solution on our Automated CA Gen Refactoring page. 


Talk to an expert 

We have had over 35 years of CA Gen and mainframe modernisation experience, more than 500 successful modernisation projects completed, and over 2.5 billion lines of code refactored through automation.  

Our experts are ready to answer any question you may have, here.

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CA Gen isn't COOL anymore


Watch to find out how modernisation can deliver mainframe class capabilities.

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2022 Mainframe Modernisation Report

Exploring the impact of the new era of digitalisation and change on the current state of legacy systems and organisations' modernisation plans.

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