Natural and Adabas Modernisation

Inside the business case, risks, and solutions for evolving beyond Software AG’s Natural and Adabas

Best low risk options when modernising Natural/Adabas environments

This eBook outlines how a phased refactor or rehost approach to modernisation removes the common risks many executives, enterprise architects, DBAs, and developers cite as reasons to bet on the status quo and stay with outdated technology. It also shares insight into how these solutions enable organisations to break the ties that bind them to expensive Software AG licensing fees.


1. Why modernise?

2. Key modernisation options when moving away from Natural and Adabas

3. Our approach to modernisation: Rehost and refactor with Application Transparency Platform

4. How does Application Transparency Platform work?

5. Real-life examples of how three organisations modernised Natural/Adabas and eliminated exorbitant licensing fees


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