Oracle Cloud Migration

Advanced and Oracle share a rich, collaborative history with decades of experience and powerful tools, enabling intelligent modernisation to Oracle Cloud and beyond. Our turnkey migration solutions maximise the power and flexibility of Oracle in the environment that suits you best. 

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Why modernise to Oracle?


Easier Migration

Most enterprise applications applications were designed to run best on scale-up architectures that prioritise ultra-low latency networks, persistent database connections, and resource clustering for availability. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was designed to address these requirements.

Autonomous Services

Human error leads to misconfiguration which can rob an application of its performance, whilst misapplied security patches can expose the ecosystem to vulnerabilities. Autonomous Services automate the patching and performance tuning of the operating system and the database, reducing risk.

Built-in Security, On by Default

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure designed security into the core experience from the start of your application build or migration, and made most of their security tooling free as part of your environment.

Sample target architectures


oracle modernization examples

Oracle Migration


Over 35 years of mainframe modernisation experience

More than 500 successful modernisation projects completed

Over 2.5 billion lines of code refactored through automation

Intelligent Modernisation, Unparalleled Experience


60% named Oracle as their top data destination

2022 Mainframe Modernisation Business Barometer Report

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Additional resources to help you modernise



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2022 Mainframe Modernisation Report

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